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How to Keep Your Melon Leaves Pest and Disease Free

The caring of melon crops is a very important part in farming melons. Melons are most suitable to grow in tropical climate. However, the problem with tropical environment is that there are lots of pests and the diseases are sometimes hard to control by farmers. Of course, there are special medicines for melons but even those have their advantages and disadvantages.

Melon Leaves Growing Well.
Melon Leaves Growing Well.

The caring of melon crops include watering, fertilization, harrowing and weeding, and some spraying to rid your crops of pests and diseases. Plus, get your poles ready for your melons, you will need them to make sure your melon crops grow sturdy and have somewhere to place their fruits and tendrils.

The problem most farmers face when farming melons is usually there must be some kind of pest or disease attack on their crops especially on important organs like holey leaves, non-optimum leaf growth, abscission, and other technical problems.

Leaves are usually the target for pests and diseases like parasitical fungus, bacteria, virus, and so on. To prevent that from happening, here are steps you can follow:

  • Make sure your crop land is clean and free from weed. Regular weeding needs to be done, or you can use pesticides. Remember that certain pesticides can only be used on certain organs.
  • Leaves that are already attacked by pests and diseases should get special managing by spraying a particular pesticide on them to avoid curled, holey leaves or other kinds of damages.
  • Watering is an important factor in putting a hamper to the growth of parasitical eggs and larvae. Make sure you also water your melon leaves.

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