Is Chicken Manure a Good Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is an important nutrient source for crops in the world of agriculture. Crops that are given fertilizer have higher chance to flourish.

There are two types of fertilizer: organic and non-organic. One of the most used organic fertilizers by farmers is manure. Manure is the type of fertilizer made from the faeces of cattle, and is one of the best fertilizers to use.

Pupuk Kandang dari Kotoran Ternak

When talking about manure, chicken manure, dried chicken faeces, is one of the best options as fertilizer to increase the growth and development of crops. In chicken manure, we can find important nutrients needed by food crops, fruits, and vegetables, such as: Nitrogen (N), Phosphor (P), and Potassium (K). Furthermore, there are also Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Molybdenum that are important for the crops’ health and immune system.

In conclusion, why should you choose chicken manure as your organic fertilizer? Because chicken manure indeed is the most used organic fertilizer by famers around the world and quality wise, it has the most complex nutrients for crops that can push them to reach optimum growth and development.

Have fun with your garden!

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