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How to Take Care of Chili Trees in Rainy Season for Crops

The thing that might be challenging for farmers in controlling their crops’ condition is about the weather anomaly with extreme changes a lot of the time. Rainy season also usually brings chili crops pests and diseases like parasitical fungus that destroys the fruits an even stems and roots.

In the beginning of rainy season, the amount of water in your soil is quite high so intensification of the care for your chili crops must be done meticulously and carefully, with no leeway allowed.

Jarak tanam cabe rawit yang direkomendasikan
Jarak tanam cabe rawit yang direkomendasikan (

Several steps that you can follow in taking proper care of your chili crops in rainy season are:

  • Make sure to pay attention to the amount of water in your soil. Make sure it’s stabile and not too much. You can do this by paying attention to the left and right of your crop land and see that the excess water is never more than half of your crop land’s height. If you find the water to be a bit too much, move it to areas that need more water instead. Too much water in the beginning of your chili crops’ growth can destroy their roots.
  • Manage the circulation of sun light by planting your chili crops under direct sun light.
  • Weeding is also very important. In rainy season, microbes grow fast, like parasitical fungus, and pathogenic microbes. So make sure that your crop land is free from weed. Use proper tools and be careful about the spores.
  • Add fertilizer with enough calcium and potassium so your chili crops can be healthier and stronger with well cared immunity system. The recommended fertilizer is phonska. Readmore: Cara Merawat Cabe di Musim Hujan.

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