How to Spot Ripe – Harvest-Ready Mangoes

When farming mangoes, farmers need to know everything about it from seeding, planting, caring, to when and how to harvest the right way.

Of course, farmers also need to know how to spot mangoes that are ripe and ready to be picked. Many are still careless about this and it’s such unnecessary mistake that can be rectified easily. For example, when you pick unripe mangoes and store them somewhere to ripe, they might not ripe perfectly and it will be your loss of harvest quality.

Buah Mangga Hasil Cangkok
Buah Mangga Hasil Cangkok Berbuah Lebat.

Here’s how seasoned farmers know which mangoes are ready to be harvested:

There are several techniques you can implement. One way you can know is by their physical attributes like smell, softness, and how the rind looks. Ripe mangoes have a distinctly unique smell to them. If you press them a little, you will also feel their degree of desired softness. Also, ripe mangoes have shiny looking rind and ideal size.

Another way to figure out which fruits to pick is by picking off one or two samples of fruits. Then, if the stem in which pick the mango from secretes copious amount of white sap, it means the fruit isn’t old or ripe enough. Ripe mangoes’ stems do not secrete copious amount of white sap.

Another tell is yellowish gray specks on their rinds. This means your mangoes are ripe enough to pick.

I hope this information benefits you in some way. Good luck! Read more at: Cara/Teknik Mencegah Kerontokan Bunga dan Buah Pada Cabe.