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8 Ways to Pick Your Seeds the Right Way

Choosing seeds isn’t something to be done lightly. You must be extra careful and meticulous in examining your seeds. You should be selective in the process because this will be the defining factor of the future of your crops. High quality seeds will produce high quality crops; good growth and development rate, accelerated blooming and fruiting, able to withstand pest and disease attacks.


Currant Tomato Seedlings

Every plant has different characteristics and types thus giving farmers and gardeners certain points to fulfill as guidelines when buying seeds. The harshest way to pick high quality seeds among others is that usually high quality seeds are sold more expensively than others.

Generally, seeds that are qualified as high quality fulfill these criteria:

  1. Uniform Seed Growth

This means seeds that are sowed together will grow in the same rate. For example if one’s height is 20 cm, the others must also be 20 cm.

  1. Able to Withstand Climate Change

Lately, climate is unstable all over the world and it affects harvest productivity everywhere. Weather anomaly tends to make farmers feel disadvantaged because harvest failure happens a lot. For example, el nino storm in Indonesia causes late blooming, imperfect fruiting, flower abscission, and stunted growth in some cases.

  1. Faster Seed Growth

High quality seeds should germinate faster than usual. This will give you way to quick start a good growth and development process in adult plants through watering and fertilization.

  1. Considerable Roots

High quality seeds usually have considerable primary and secondary root growth with good thickness to the roots that grow in time as your plant grows.

  1. Strong Enough to Be Moved

Some seeds and seedlings die easily when being moved from one medium to another, for example from a polybag to a seedbed. You can ask your seller to demonstrate this live on site to avoid future regrets.

  1. Able to Withstand Pest and Disease Attack

Nowadays, you can find seeds with verified “disease free plant” labels but not usually on ready-to-plant seedlings like ones from transplant, grafting, stem cuttings, or genetic crossing. The way for these types of seedlings to be recognized as high quality is through things your eyes can see, their physicality.

  1. Sturdy Stems, Roots, and Leaves

This is one of the basic things to recognize in high quality seeds: sturdy roots, greening leaves, strong and tough stems. However, if you buy transplanted seedlings, that’s not the case. It’s quite normal for transplants to not have very sturdy stems and you might need pole markers when planting them later to avoid collapsing.

  1. Good Harvest Productivity of Parent Plant

This means getting to know your seeds’ parent plants and make sure they’re high quality as well. Good sellers will provide you with this information on any kind of horticultural farming plants like fruits and vegetables.

So now you know the ways to find out which seeds are high quality seeds. Start your own garden now! Read more: Jenis Tanah dan Pupuk Untuk Menanam Kelengkeng (Di Dalam Pot dan Di Kebun).

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