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4 Varieties of Bacillus thrungiensis (Bt) Bacteria as Farming Bio-pesticide in Agriculture

One type of good bacteria in agriculture that can help farmers to protect crops from pests and diseases is the Bacillus thrungiensis (Bt) bacteria.

Bacillus thrungiensis (Bt) bacteria are sold legally and commercially so you, as a farmer or a beginner gardener can get your hands on Bt varieties easily, without hassle.

Currant Tomato Seedlings
Currant Tomato Seedlings used Bt bacteria. (

These are the four varieties or subspecies of Bacillus thrungiensis (Bt) bacteria that are sold commercially:

  1. Bacillus thrungiensis subspecies aizawai, very effective in killing moth larvae, especially diamondback moth (Plutellaxylostella) on cabbages.
  2. Bacillus thrungiensis subspecies kurstaki, can eliminate various pests in forms of pupaes.
  3. Bacillus thrungiensis subspecies israelensis, can kill mosquitoes and blackflies larvae.
  4. Bacillus thrungiensis subspecies tenebrionis, very effective in killing Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsadecemlineata) and leaf beetle larvae.

Those four varieties of Bacillus thrungiensis (Bt) bacteria are very meritorious in agriculture because they provide a solution for farmers to use bio-pesticide, which is a friendlier option to the environment by bypassing the use of heavy chemicals in regular pesticides that contribute to water, soil, and air pollution.

Continuous use of pesticide affects ecosystem and environment negatively. Thus, if so far you have only used regular chemical pesticide; do consider starting using crystalized Bacillus thrungiensis (Bt) bacteria for pest control and disease prevention in your garden. Read more at: 5 Benefits of Home Gardening For Beginers.

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