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The Correct Procedure in Harrowing and Weeding for Chili Crops

Harrowing and weeding are two very important components in the caring of chili crops. The procedure on how to correctly do those things differs from one planting medium to others. Below are the correct procedures in harrowing and weeding for chili crops with different planting medium:

  1. Open Field

Open fields in this case include gardens, farms, etc.

Harrowing can be done by hacking the area around the growth central bit by bit using a small hoe. Then you shaped the hacked soil into mounds around the chili tree. Harrowing is done to keep the soil loose and fine to ease the way for nutrients to be absorbed by roots. Harrowing should be done after two months since first planting, then once a month after that.

Weeding can be done by pulling weeds off by hands or appliances to make sure the area is clean from other plants.

  1. Polybag Pots

Weeding is done the usual way by pulling the weeds out by hands. After that, you can do your harrowing by first watering the soil to make it wet, then hack it bit by bit until you get the consistency you want, then you can add in fertilizer of your choice.

Make sure to keep the soil humidity stable by paying attention to the dosage depending on the tree’s age.

  1. Mulched Seedbeds

Limited weeding is done in this planting medium because the soil is covered by plastic mulch so just make sure to control the area as to avoid overgrown weeds.

Harrowing is also not something that is usually done in this medium. Though, you should make sure to keep stable and good soil humidity by routine watering to avoid dry soil. If you insist on harrowing, just do it the usual way by hacking the soil around the central growth area bit by bit. You’re almost there: How to Keep Your Melon Leaves Pest and Disease Free.

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