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Dapatkan informasi harga bibit tanaman murah terbaru di Indonesia.

Characteristics of Durian Aromatic and Diamond River Longan Trees

Longan farming is quite popular among those interested in farming or general agriculture world. First thing first, you have to make sure you get high quality seeds for future longan trees.

High quality longan seeds usually come from artificial vegetative reproduction which is stem transplant. It’s actually not recommended to farm longans from actual seeds because it’s not efficient in time and productivity level.

Longan trees
Longan trees very beautiful. Photo by: Wahid Priyono (
  1. Durian Aromatic Longan

The variety comes from Thailand. Characteristics:

  • Straight, stiff leaves, dark green in color
  • Strong and sturdy stems and branches
  • Thick meat, small seed, white, thin skin for fruits
  • Starts bearing fruit around 8-12 months old
  • Harvest productivity around 3-4 kg per tree aged 1.5 years old and up
  1. Diamond River Longan

This variety comes from China and is farmed a lot in Malaysia and Indonesia. Characteristics:

  • Bright green leaves, 10 cm in length and 3-4 cm in width
  • Wavy leaf edges
  • Easily split branches
  • Juicy, aromatic, sweet meat for fruits
  • Thin fruit skin
  • Starts bearing fruit around 8-12 months old
  • Harvest productivity around 10-20 kg per tree aged 2 years old. Read more: Characteristics of Pingpong and Crystal Longan Trees.

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