How to Make Your Chili Pepper Tree Grow Upright

Positioning your chili tree to grow perfectly is very important. It will give you the most optimal plant growth on your garden.

Several farmers in various areas in Indonesia have done chili farming using mulches and pole markers. There are a lot of advantages in using mulches and pole markers for very profitable harvest.

How to Make Your Chili Pepper Tree Grow Upright
How to Make Your Chili Pepper Tree Grow Upright. (

Pole markers are used as a stake or a support for chili trees to grow upright towards the sky. Pole markers are also useful for making chili trees sturdier, harder to collapse from strong wind or heavy, intense rain.

However, if you desire for your chili trees to not grow upright, then you don’t have to use pole markers as forking and support device. That way, your chili trees may grow however they want to.

In reality, though, the reason a lot of farmers nowadays still aren’t using mulches or pole markers is because of the price of mulches and pole markers that’s relatively expensive. Read more: Cara Agar Pertumbuhan Pohon Cabe Tumbuh Lurus dan Baik.