How to Keep Your Chili Leaves Straight and Pest and Diseases Free

Often times, your chili tree leaves will get curly and this one of diseases that farmers are wary of because this can affect the harvest later on. Pests and diseases are reasons for a lot of harvest failure up to 30%-40% so of course, we can’t just let this slide.

Curled chili leaves can be caused by pests and diseases, for example parasitical fungus. They can cause curled leaves, destroyed leaves, and even abscission.

Fertile and healthy chili tree.
Fertile and healthy chili tree.

Other pests that can cause curled leaves are thrips, mites, and aphids. Those are the three that are most likely to be the cause of your curled chili leaves.

For healthy, uncurled, straight leaves, these are the steps you can follow:

  • Make sure your crop land is clean
  • Do not plant on land used to be for chili trees
  • Do not plant on land next to older chili trees
  • Keep your crops well hydrated
  • Spray acaricides with active abamectin like celebtin, agrimec, bamex, and demolish
  • Do not attempt to intercrop chili with long beans
  • Do not plant on land next to long bean crops

I hope this information can help you with your garden and agriculture life. Good luck! Read more: 7 Benefits of Rhizobium leguminosarum for Crops.

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