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How To Get Your STRAWBERRY To Bear Fruit Faster

Strawberries are physically very eye-catching with their red color. So, it’s not unsual that a lot of people are interested in planting strawberries.

There are some things you pay attention to when farming strawberries and it starts with where you plant them. Strawberries can be planted in pots or even polybags.

Strawberry Fruit Faster
Strawberry Fruit Faster, Photo Credits by: Muslehudien.

Here are some things to do to get your strawberries to bear fruit faster:

  1. Strawberries need sufficient water. Do your watering twice a day, in the morning and in the middle of the day. After 2 weeks, you can water your strawberries only once a day.
  2. Give proportional fertilizers once a week as detailed below (per polybag):
  • Growing phase: 1 tablespoon of NPK with high N

  • Blooming and Fruiting phase: 1 tablespoon of NPK with high PK

  1. Do some regular weeding
  2. When your strawberry plant blooms, get rid of the first flower. After 4 months, leave the flowers be and let them grow into fruits. Blooming and fruiting process of strawberries can last up to 2 years non-stop.

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